Brewer’s Yeast for animals

Brewer’s yeast is a delicious, appetite-enhancing feed supplement for daily consumption, regardless of what you feed your pet. The feed supplement rich in B vitamins, trace elements (sodium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, etc.), amino acids, so compensates nutrient deficiencies, satisfies the pet’s need for energy, and is also beneficial for breeding, sick or convalescent animals.

JSC “EKOPRODUKTAS” produces brewer’s yeast / packing:
Brewer’s yeast powder / 25kg; 1000kg

Daily usage dosage:


 Daily rate


 20-100 g

 Fattening cattle

 100-150 g

 Milking cows

 150-250 g


 100-150 g


 3-5 % pašaro masės


 20-70 g


 5-15 g


 1-2 g


 1-3 % pašaro masės

 Sheep and goats

 5-20 g

 Gees and turkeys

 1-2 g

 Chicken ducks and pheasants

 1-2 g


 1-2 g

 Dogs 10 kg/20 kg/30 kg

 1-2 g / 2-5 g / 5-10 g


Brewer’s yeast benefits for Your pet:

  • Supports healthy skin, glossy fur, strong nails;
  • Strengthens the immune and nervous systems;
  • Improves appetite and liver function;
  • Promotes metabolism;
  • Reduces bristling;
  • Keeps pet’s eyes healthy.

Study with cows

The influence of brewer’s yeast on the health, productivity, milk composition and quality, has been proven by performed test on cows. More

Important! In case of overdose, itching, bloating, gas release or digestion issues are possible, so it is advisable to gradually incorporate the product into the pet’s diet. Some animals may be allergic to brewer’s yeast. If you notice signs of allergy, scratching, digestive problems, don’t give brewer’s yeast to your pet for a while.