About us

Ekoproduktas is the only dry brewer’s yeast production company in Lithuania, which has been operating successfully since 2000.

The company uses the most advanced technologies and equipment for drying brewer’s yeast. This allows us to preserve valuable substances and vitamins in the brewer’s yeast, which is especially valued in both the food and feed industries due to its positive effects on the body.


Keep on improving the quality of our production and services.

To work honestly and be fair to our partners, customers and employees.

To ensure the safety of manufactured production throughout the production chain from raw material to the end user.

Contributing to environmental protection (processing brewer’s yeast remaining after beer making) at the same time we contribute to the growing global demand for safe and high-quality food.

The company works flexibly and is focused on the needs of consumers (buyers). Our products are well known and appreciated in various countries of the world.

Investment for Establishing a Solar Power Plant

Investments in sustainable energy! Ekoproduktas implements the project “Installation of energy production capacities using renewable energy resources”. The project is co-financed by the European Union.

We Care!

The company strives to help those who really need our help – we engage in charitable activities, believing that goodness returns to goodness.