Brewer’s Yeast for people

Brewer’s yeast – the right choice!

Brewer’s yeast can be called a real super food. Brewer’s yeast products are beneficial to every human body. The B vitamins in them strengthen the body and help prevent diseases. A bin of B vitamins – is a guarantee of good health.

JSC “EKOPRODUKTAS” manufactured brewer’s yeast products / packaging:
Brewer’s yeast flakes / 150 g; 10 kg
Brewer’s yeast powder / 25 kg
De-bittered brewer’s yeast flakes / 10 kg
De-bittered brewer’s yeast powder / 25 kg

Recommended daily dosage:
Brewer’s yeast flakes are recommended to be taken at meal time twice a day for 2.5 g (2×2 teaspoons).
Brewer’s yeast powder is recommended to be taken once a day for 5 g (1 teaspoon).
Brewer’s yeast is recommended to put in soups, salads, porridges or mixed in juices, milk, yogurt, sports cocktails and more.


Brewer’s yeast:

strengthens the nervous system, can be used under stress, anxiety, depression conditions;
maintains a strong immune system, improves memory and helps to focus;
provides elasticity and firmness to the skin, prevents lips from cracking at their corners, also improves skin condition with acne and blackheads conditions;
helps to maintain normal vision;
normalizes the functioning of the digestive system and metabolism;
recommended for use in anemia, avitaminosis, furunculosis, as well as many other chronic diseases;
suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

For Women
“Naturali formulė” brewer’s yeast – is a completely unique, clean and natural product, rich in proteins, minerals and B vitamins, which is perfect for women’s health and beauty:
maintains a healthy and normal skin condition;
strong nail and hair structure;
in women, who suffer from PMS, brewer’s yeast reduces its negative symptoms.

For athletes
More than 40% of brewer’s yeast mass consists of high quality well absorbed proteins, which can be used for increased demand for sporting needs. During intensive training, amino acids are used for energy production: after training, the body tries to restore these losses by increasing protein synthesis. Proteins help to preserve and grow muscle mass, reduce fatigue, are important for maintaining normal muscle and bone condition.

The unique composition of brewer’s yeast is a valuable nutritional supplement. When consuming brewer’s yeast the body receives a more complete valuable protein ration, the balance of minerals and vitamins is restored.

Attention! Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. All listed brewer’s yeast products are not food substitutes.

Important! In rare cases, some side effects may occur when using brewer’s yeast: rash, gas accumulation, headache. Stop using brewer’s yeast if you experience pain or tension in your chest, throat or difficulty breathing. Such side effects may indicate an allergic reaction to a brewer’s yeast product. If you are pregnant or complaining about health problems, consult your doctor before using brewer’s yeast.