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Last year we didn’t stay indifferent to the human desire to walk again.


On June 10th, 2017, the young family's life has turned upside down. A young man, a two-year-old son's father, experienced a very severe spinal cord injury, the consequences of which are that Aurimas Vėbra can not walk, take his son in his arms, or just pick up a phone and call his beloved family.


Although trauma is very complicated, Aurimas and his family do not lose hope, and believe that their hard work, medical advancement, and the contribution of good people will succeed in fulfilling their dream of re-establishing their dream desire – to stand up again. In Lithuania, costless rehabilitation period is only 100 days, and paid rehabilitation fee is high, so we could not remain indifferent to the misfortune that happened and allocated funds to Aurimas treatment in the rehabilitation hospital.


We encourage all people of good will to contribute to the recovery of Aurimas and, if possible, to provide support to the A. Vėbra charity and support fund, legal entity code 304588486, account No. LT52 4010 0510 0399 4211, Luminor bank AB.

Dear Ekoproduktas UAB executives,


A few months ago, we sent you a letter of request, and today - sincere gratitude ... We are very grateful for the huge help to our family. Thanks to you, Aurimas will be able to rehabilitate for much longer than our financial situation would have allowed. Therefore, your contribution to the recovery of Aurimas is very high and very important to us.


"Good heart - real gold" - W. Shakespeare. "This gold" equals us with the most important thing - the hope of recovery.


We sincerely thank you and we wish goodness comes back to you.

                                                                                                                                           Aurimas and his family