We strive to make our quality system complying with the customers requirements and to satisfy all their needs.


  • JSC „Ekoproduktas“ is certified according to GMP+B2 „Production of feed ingredients“ standard;
  • Nutritional dried brewer‘s yeast is manufactured according to JSC „Ekoproduktas“ company standard ĮST 148356092-01:2011;
  • Products manufactured in JSC “EKOPRODUKTAS” are certificated according to Kosher certificate.
  • UAB "Ekoproduktas" is a inactive Dry brewer’s yeast production company, which has an ability to produce products in accordance to Halal requirements.
  • Dry beer yeast corresponds to organic agriculture regulations and can be used in organic farming or organic feed production by Public Institution „Ekoagros“ approval;
  •  Processed beer yeast has no extraneous additives nor chemical substances;
  •  Production process does not use any artificial organic and inorganic additives nor preservatives;
  •  All products are not genetically modified. Genetically modified materials or ingredients are not used in manufacture process.