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Protein content is about 45% by weight of brewer's yeast. These proteins with its amino acid composition is similar to animal genesis proteins. They are well absorbed, high quality, can be used for eating disorders due to a lack of protein or an increased demant when exercising.


Protein helps to maintain and build muscle mass.


Proteins are essential for maintaining normal bone condition.




  • For normal energy metabolism

  • Helps to reduce the feeling of fatigue and tiredeness

  • For normal protein and glycogen metabolism

  • For normal  immune system activity

  • Helps to regulate hormone activity

  • For normal nervous system activity

  • For normal metabolism of main nutrient substances

  • To maintain the normal condition of the tissue

  • For normal cell membrane function

  • To maintain normal bone function

  • For normal functioning of the digestive enzymes

  • For normal muscle activity

  • For normal protein synthesis

  • Performs a specific function in the process of cell division.


Sponsorship – a great motivation,  promoting athlets to reach for a better results.


One of our sponsored athlets Liveta Jasiūnaitė has won 3rd place  in the Europien championship competitions.