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Brewer's yeast products are useful for everyone. It helps to maintain a strong neural system and can be used when feeling stress, anxiety, or depression. Brewer's yeast products have a positive impact on healthy human skin. It promotes skin regeneration, provides elasticity, and feeds the skin from within. It is especially suitable for improving a state of the skin when suffering from acne pustules and blackheads.


Brewer's yeast helps to maintain strong hair and nail structure, prevents from chapped lips and cracked lip corners. Various researches show that brewer's yeast has a positive impact on women suffering from PMS, helps in maintaining healthy eyes, also increases body resistance, and stimulates the immune system.


Brewer's yeast is very useful for people recovering after infections, burns, injuries, and chronic intestinal diseases. It helps in faster recovery after neural system disorders, skin diseases, tuberculosis, and muscular anaemia.


Brewer's yeast is highly useful for people with diabetes, when suffering from metabolic disturbances, or having weakened memory. Brewer's yeast strengthens the body after starvation, bleeding, while keeping a vegetarian diet, during periods of rapid growth, or when doing intense sports.